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The Lonely Kazoo

March 9, 2010

The Lonely Kazoo

A synthetic journey to heaven

The Lonely Kazoo (short: LKZ) is the operatic story of young kazoo searching for a new home as a post-consumer product. After a raucous party in which his value-pak family is torn open by a joyful human group, our hero is discarded in the city streets. Once dirty, no human will ever play him again, yet still he exists. He is plastic, and will be on earth for at least 10,000 years, but never again as an instrument.

LKZ takes us on a wonderful, but perhaps not unusual, journey through city gutters and down great American rivers. We visit abandoned rust belt factories and terrifying forests. We make it to the sea and just float where the current takes us… the plastic garbage patch in the Pacific.

Home, at last, forever.

The Lonely Kazoo band is:

  • Danny Fisher-Bruns
  • Tom Fucoloro
  • Adam Prairie
  • Chris Prairie

Contact LKZ:

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