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Oh lonesome factory, I still love you just the same

March 15, 2010

Another track from last week’s recording session. This one, The Lonesome Plastic Factory, goes with Scene 5. When we last left our plastic kazoo hero, he was rafting down the great American river that is an urban sewer pipe. Here’s the lead-in to this scene from the script:

The sewage pipe flows directly into a river in the woods, and LKZ makes himself comfortable on his raft, ready for a long journey. Night falls, and for the first time since our adventure began, our hero sleeps.


LKZ wakes, pausing to remember how he got here, and why. He looks to the river bank and, holy balls! A factory stands tall right in front of him. This must be the plastic factory the Dumpster told him about. Home is found already. That journey wasn’t so hard. LKZ jumps off the raft and jets to the shore using his humming reed for steady, masterful propulsion. But as he stands on the shore, reality kicks in, and he is awed and sobered by the realization that home is a ghost town now (presumably moved overseas or something, since they are def. still making lots of plastic. The new place is probably bigger and more toxic, but that’s another opera). This homecoming is not as he had imagined it, and will only be but another piece in his new identity. He ponders his new reality, and his growing, yet more empowered, loneliness.

Download the track (or use the flash player on the right, if you’re into that kind of thing).

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