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Our first production meeting!

April 14, 2010

We held our first production meeting for the Lonely Kazoo show Monday evening at the Hoot House. It was really great to hear everyone’s ideas for the project and to get on the same page. It was a creative storm, and it’s going to be a wonderful collaboration of many brilliant, wonderful minds.

Here’s (vaguely) what we discussed. If you have any thoughts on any of this, either email us or write a comment!


We are vaguely aiming to perform the full show in mid-August. This works best around people’s summer travel plans and gives us time to dedicate ourselves to whatever venue we end up in.

Performance concept

The idea is to have a band, a screen and acting space. There was agreement that the actor playing our hero, the kazoo, should be the one to sing. We had previously tossed around the idea of the band singing the songs like a rock concert, with the actors basically miming everything, but the story would be much more clear and more inviting to have the actors voice their roles. The actors will perform the show in front of abstract projections, possibly on a stage made simply from a few platforms.


Costumes were discussed briefly. It looks like we’re probably going to make a human-sized kazoo costume for our lead. Some ideas were thrown about for materials. Any suggestions? We will also need either a Dumpster or a series of trash bins or both. Making trash costumes should be great fun.


Maybe using an overhead projector, using colors to give an abstract feeling of place and movement? We also watched videos of sand animation…

That doesn’t look so hard! …


We discussed the entire production team (and whoever’s around/interested) working together on some improv movement exercises to help inform the movements that make it into the show. Our team has several great dancers to help lead this end of the project. We noted the need to practice movements that not only fit with the happiness of much of the show, but also recognize the dark reality of plastics and environmental destruction.

Community involvement

We don’t have money, but we have a fantastic project with lots of room for creativity. Anyone interested in helping out in any way they can imagine, drop us a line or comment on the site. I imagine we will need help making costumes, we will need dancer and musicians, there is space for visual artists and sculptors and whatever you can imagine. If you want to dedicate some time to the project, let’s meet. We’ll have meetings every week, and new faces and minds will be welcome.

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