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Live at Barnstorm Cabaret!  May 7, 2011

The Cast of Characters:

The Lonely Kazoo: Danny Fisher-Bruns

The Narrator: Tom Fucoloro

The Dumpster: Adam Prairie

The Drummer: Chris Prairie

The Rest of the Band: Geoff Brown

The Dancing Ensemble: Christina Ellis & Kelli Refer


Live at the Fremont Abbey!

If you happened to miss the world premier of The Lonely Kazoo: A Synthetic Journey to Heaven at the Fremont Abbey in Seattle on August 19, 2010, you can watch it all right here.

Here’s the cast list:

  • Lonely Kazoo — Danny Fisher-Bruns
  • Narrator – Tom Fucoloro
  • Dumpster – Adam Prairie
  • Ensemble – Kelli Refer, Christina Ellis, Olivia Engel, and Liz Ellis
  • The Lonely Kazoo Band –  Adam Prairie, Chris Prairie, Geoff Brown, Steve Nielsen, Jacques Boudreau, and Olivia Cacchione

Scene 1: Valu-Pak Fun!

Scene 2: The Gutter

Scene 3: The Dumpster

Scene 4: The Drainpipe

Scene5: The Lonesome Plastic Factory

Scene 6: Scary Forest (of Trees!)

Scene 7: Out to Sea

Scene 8: Home at Last (And Everybody’s All Choked Up)


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